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Week 10

The grand finale to our club and all the Harry Potter inspired activities was making Butter Beer. Students enjoyed this incredible drink made with simple ingredients and it was a lot of fun working in the kitchen.

Week 9

Yesterday we got lucky with the weather and played Basilisk Tag with our friends. It was a fun tag game where we used the power of eyes to freeze our friends. Students have taken their entire work home in the form of their interactive notebooks, wands, crests and lots of recordings from the past weeks.

9 weeks of fun, learning and sharing have just flown by so fast.

Next week, we are going to be making our Butter Beer in the canteen.

I would like to take a moment to thank all parents for the support and encouragement all through. I feel very humbled.

Week 8

We are nearly coming to the end of our program. This week, we have been busy completing our interactive notebooks and playing the character riddles. Students challenged and inspired their friends with their knowledge, memory and detailing where it seemed like a fun exposure for everyone.


Next week, the students will bring their interactive notebooks, wands, etc home. They have been meticulously saving their work/ experiences from almost every week.


After the huge success of our Quidditch tournament, we plan to have yet another outdoor session playing the Basilisk Tag (only if weather allows). Students must come to the library as usual and we will be going down together.


I am planning to book the canteen kitchen for our Butter Beer making for the finale week. More information next week!

Week 7

The Harry Potter Club met this week to play Quidditch Match. We were divided into two teams where everyone played with great enthusiasm. Above all, we were blessed with the warm beautiful weather, which added to the joy of the game.


Students created edible golden snitches with simple ingredients and enjoyed the treat after.


With three more weeks to go, we will be now working towards completing our interactive notebooks. That way, the children can bring them home. We have character riddles lined up for next week and we plan to meet in the library as usual.

Week 6

Edible broomsticks, making our very own and enjoying them after, was our highlight at the Harry Potter club. It was a great DIY for the students who worked carefully to make their two ingredients treat. Students enjoyed having an option of both thick and thin sticks. Edible creations have been a super hit at the club as the food inspirations are a source of joy for most students.


I am currently planning on a detailed plan for our Quidditch match to have 2 balanced groups of students for the game. We have been brainstorming on our rules for the match, which has actually involved everyone in thinking and designing our rules. Students are encouraged to read or watch the part of Quidditch from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Week 5

We had a total blast yesterday, playing the transfiguration game. Students were divided into groups with a set of words from the Harry Potter theme. Students were using connections, hints, guesses and drawings to find the right answer. The groups collaborated well highlighting great team spirit. Students are busy recording and saving their work in their interactive notebooks.


We also had a small talk with Ms. Keenoy (our school librarian), who spoke about some hidden facts about J.K Rowling. It was an interactive session, where the students were curious to know more.


Next week, we are getting ready for yet another session with food. Students will be making their own edible broomsticks. Rest of the session will be used to plan rules for the Quidditch match which will take place in the following week.

Week 4

This week, we had a very action-packed session where the students made their own customized potions. Some of the ingredients used were Dragons Blood, Happiness Draught, Rat Dung, Canary Creams, Exploding Bonbons and many other magical sides and mixes. If the children came back happy that means they took a Happiness Draught.

All in all, we had an excellent session because the students were very cooperative in taking turns, working in groups to make their potions. This was such an awaited task and the students highlighted their risk taking ability while trying unknown food samples with  lots of eagerness, excitement.

There were lots of delicious variety to choose from and I am sure there was something to please everyone.

Next week, we are getting ready to use all the magic learnt up till now and try our hands on the transfiguration game.

Week 3

This week the students enjoyed practicing different wand movements while memorizing the spells that go with each. We had a small show at the end of the session where students were encouraged to show their favorite spell. It was truly interactive and magical by all means. We are very lucky to have the library space, which allowed students to do their best work, in terms of imitation, acting and a little bit of drama.


Next week, there is no session as the school is closed for the winter break.


We will now meet on the 19th of February for another exciting session on potions. I have been trying to collect over 40 edible samples for students to create their own magical potion. We plan to work in groups. I appreciate your support in helping me understand about food allergies and food restrictions among children in our group.


Reading suggestion for the break: students can start reading, thinking and planning for the rules of our Quidditch match.

Week 2

Last week, our session was all about wands. Students worked to create their own wands. Everyone was free to take inspiration from the different wands used by the various characters in the Harry Potter books or make their own personalized wands. Some students went ahead to describe their wands and the reasons for its creation. While the others decided to write about the magic in their wands, as in, "what all my wand can do?" It was an interactive lesson where the students brainstormed about different things that interested them about wands.


We have a full session on spells ready for tomorrow. Students will learn about different wand movements and the respective spell to go along. Everyone will be saving their work in the interactive books by choosing their top 3 favorite wand movements.


Students have been very cooperative and understanding. They are free to bring their wands home tomorrow or are permitted to leave it in their booklets and bring everything together for the 10th week.

Week 1

Harry Potter club started with a bunch of enthusiastic students, who are eager to learn and have fun. We worked with our interactive notebooks, decorating them to give a personal touch. Students are working towards perfection and I am truly amazed to have such a dedicated group. Each student has picked their house crests and bookmark. Students also had an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their expectations from the club and its activities. 

Next, we are getting ready to make our wands. Each student will have a chance to design their own wand and its unique magical powers. We plan to use our wands to practice out our spells for week 3.


Optional reading: students can read about different wands that are used by different characters in the Harry Potter books.

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